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  Vaping may be harming your teeth, too


  Americans are smoking fewer cigarettes than ever. But this doesn’t mean cigarettes are completely on the way out. Vaping devices, also known as electronic cigarettes, have exploded in popularity in recent years.


  Leading the way is Juul, which holds nearly three-quarters of the U.S. market share. From 2017 to 2018, Juul sales increased by nearly 800 percent.


  While these devices might seem at first blush to be healthier than smoking, they carry many of the same risks — and even a few new risks.


  Since last month, federal officials have reported more than 400 cases of serious lung illness that may be tied to vaping. Dr Barbara Keber, chair of family medicine at Northwell Health’s Glen Cove Hospital in New York, told Healthline it’s a serious situation.


365bet有app么   Your family doctor will likely tell you that vaping is an addictive habit that’s bad for your body. Your dentist, meanwhile, may have a few thoughts on why it’s bad for your teeth. Like cigarettes, vaping devices — Juul or otherwise — are not good for oral health.


  One study, released last year by the American Chemical Society, did indeed conclude that vaping chemicals may damage DNA, thus increasing the risk of developing cancer.




  explode? vi. 爆炸,爆发;激增 vt. 使爆炸;爆炸;推翻

  addictive? adj. 使人上瘾的

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